• Educational requirements: Graduate from an approved school of nursing. S. or B.S.N. is preferred
  • Experience: At least two years direct experience in the provision of nursing services to developmentally delayed individuals preferred but not necessary.
  • Current certification in C.P.R.
  • Knowledge in growth and development; able to obtain and interpret information in terms of the needs of physically handicapped, mentally retarded individuals; understanding of the range of interventions and treatment required by this population
  • Current Massachusetts licensure

SUPERVISION: Director of Nursing Services


Rights, Confidentiality and Ethics

  • Interacts at all times in a respectful manner with residents, families and fellow staff
  • Provide humane treatment and assure dignity for all residents
  • Follows policies on confidentiality, including confidentiality of records
  • Follows JRI Code of Conduct
  • Follows the Resident Rights Policy
  • Complies with the mandatory reporting requirements

Safety Functions

  • Assess need for medical/nursing intervention for injuries or illnesses

  1. Provide first aid and nursing interventions as indicated
  2. Follow medical crisis plans for emergency services

  • Follow safety procedures in medication administration, storage, ordering, and disposal
  • Observe residents in restraint for medical safety per policy; obtain physicians orders for restraint
  • Support all efforts to ensure the safety and well being of residents, staff, and the program
  • Provide emergency coverage for the program when needed
  • Demonstrate knowledge of safety management program policies and procedures.

Leadership Functions and Relationships

  • Act as role model for universal precautions and OSHA regulations
  • Provide on-call nursing coverage for the program (once every three months)
  • Assists with and is responsible for the supervision of licensed personnel on assigned shifts (if primary nurse)
  • Maintains responsibility for primary nurse assignments (if primary nurse)
  • Performs all other functions (duties) as assigned.
  • Work as a team member: maintain flexible and positive attitude in team process
  • Create strong liaison relationships with medical providers
  • Establish and maintain appropriate boundaries in relationships with residents, families, and staff
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships with residents, families, and staff
  • Performs all other functions (duties) as assigned

Resident Treatment, Education and Training Functions

  • Provide appropriate and timely nursing services to residents
  • Ensure that appropriate communication is occurring with facility representatives and families regarding medical issues
  • Implement nursing and medical treatment plan objectives
  • Prioritize activities and provide guidance so that all are completed

  • Follow proper procedures in medication administration, storage, ordering, and disposal

  1. Medication is identified from order to administration
  2. Medication is given per schedule
  3. Medication is stored according to policy
  4. Medications are ordered such that medication is available for residents per schedule
  5. Medication is disposed of correctly
  6. Narcotic counts, documentation, and disposal procedures are followed
  7. All medication is documented

  • Follow nursing admissions process:

  1. Perform Nursing Assessment and input into Safety Assessment
  2. Explain medical services and assessments to resident, family, workers

  • Arrange for medical consultations, appointments, labs as ordered
  • Prepares equipment and assists physician during treatments and examinations.
  • Supports the spiritual and cultural needs of individuals

Continuity of Care Functions

  • Inform Treatment Team and Residential Supervisor of scheduling of resident appointments, medical procedures, and other medical situations which may require transportation, staff scheduling for coverage, or the resident being out of the building.
  • Inform the Treatment Team, Parents/Guardians of medication changes/new treatments
  • Participate in monthly Nursing Staff meetings
  • Meet regularly with Director on Nursing to discuss medical issues
  • In conjunction with Director of Nursing, prioritize activities and assure that all are completed.
  • Inform Director of Nursing of medical needs of residents:

  1. Notify physician of results of labs, consultations
  2. Notify physician of findings of screens for additional assessments of resident's conditions
  3. Assist psychiatrist and other consultants in monthly reviews as assigned
  4. Assist Director of Nursing in medical interventions as required

  • Communicate with other treatment team members through rounds, meetings, chart entries, etc.
  • Complete accurate and comprehensive Nursing Discharge Summary.
  • Support all Treatment Team Decisions
  • Is familiar with I.E.P or I.S.P. of each client on his/her primary caseload
  • Carries out communication program utilizing total communication and other communication devices.

Documentation and Information Management Function

  • Physicians Orders management

  1. Accurately take verbal and phone orders from physicians
  2. Note all physicians' orders
  3. Take appropriate action in response to physicians' orders including ordering medications, labs
  4. Make appointments as ordered
  5. Accurately transcribe current orders from one month to the rest

  • Document comprehensive admission note for assigned new residents
  • Complete all documentation in a timely manner according to policies and procedures
  • Document medications given or refused
  • Document medication errors and adverse reactions properly

  1. Notify physician of adverse reactions and medication errors

  • Complete immunization records for residents
  • Complete insurance or Medicaid claim and information forms
  • Assure that all medical consent forms are obtained at admission and prior to specific treatments
  • Ensure that all residents' medical charts and medication records are accurate, current, and complete.
  • Complete Treatment Team reports as required
  • Complete Periodic Review reports for assigned residents
  • Provides medical data to the other members of the Treatment Team

Staff Development Functions

  • Attend inservice training sessions
  • Attend all mandatory inservice training provided so as to comply with the annual requirements
  • Provide staff training in nursing, first aid and infection control procedures as assigned
  • Complete CEU training to assure maintenance of license

Infection Control Functions

  • Follow universal precautions
  • Complete all assignments Infection Control tasks
  • Sick time absences are minimal
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and comply with all OSHA regulations on Bloodborne Pathogens

Attendance at trainings, staff meetings, and other assigned responsibilities outside of my regular work schedule is required. I understand and agree that my schedule is not fixed and can be changed at any time. I understand and agree that I may be scheduled to work at any program of the JRI Berkshire Meadows.

This job description is intended to convey information essential to understanding the scope of the job and the general nature and level of work performed by job holders within this job. But, this job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of qualifications, skills, efforts, duties, responsibilities or working conditions associated with the position.

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. If you require an accommodation please speak with your supervisor.