Make A Difference And Earn A Steady Income

Working at Berkshire Meadows adds to life's precious moments. Helping those who can't help themselves, reminds us of all the positive in our lives. Spending time with people who need help makes us feel useful and valued, every day. When you work at Berkshire Meadows, you care for those who can't care for themselves - 365 days a year!

A job in Human Services is a great career move!

Is Working at Berkshire Meadows for Me?

Is Working at Berkshire Meadows for Me?

If you can relate to 3 or more of the statements below – consider a career at Berkshire Meadows:

  • I do well when I work with a team of others
  • I enjoy making others smile
  • I care about helping those who can’t help themselves
  • I need steady income and a pandemic (or recession) proof job
  • I enjoy working with children and adults who are low functioning and need assistance
  • I enjoy learning new things
  • I can work 16 or more hours each week
  • I want to work 40 hours every week
  • I value being trained for my work
  • I need Dental benefits
  • I could use $4000 per year towards my tuition costs
  • I want a pension that starts after 1 year of employment